Best Dance Ever on the Wedding Dance floor

Watch the full video, you will find TWO great dancers here !!!

Sound tracks
1. Rambari - by Lahiru Perera
2. Surangani - by Dinesh Kanagaratnam ft.Safi

Funny Photo comparison of Old days & Present days

We all normally used to take pictures/snaps of some special moments we spend with our family, friends, pets or loved once and some special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, parties, graduations etc. But for that time it's just a picture and we don't see any specialty of it except whether it's suitable or not to be published on Facebook, twitter or any other social network, as current generation heavily concentrate on getting likes, comments, tweets or whatever, by sharing their pictures through the internet among friends. 
But in the past, people used Analog cameras to cover the photographic part of their special events, and converted the snapped images to physical photographs from the reel, as they used to maintain photo albums of special memorable events. Actually it's really pleasing and interesting to maintain physical photo albums, according to my experiences it makes really happy, funny and interesting moments when a group of people looking at photos at once. Some are talking about their beauty in the pictures they appeared on, some are talking about other people's funny looks, actions as they appeared on the pictures and mostly, it's a great method to maintain photo albums as anyone could easily use and look at photos anytime even for both babies and grand parents.
Anyway whether it has taken by an Analog or a Digital camera, photos are always really interesting. By looking at a photo you can memorize the moments that you spent on your special events. It's more interesting to looking at the photos of you taken in your small days.
Following there are some awesome photo collection of comparisons between the old days and present days, Enjoy the collection!

Real meaning of Life

What is Life?

Before live meaningfully, you have to understand what does life really mean.No one can give a specific definition for life, me either.But I can express my feelings, ideas & experiences to describe, identify & understand what is life.
In this life, we face various kinds of situations such as happiness, sadness, proud, desire, anger, hurt, love, hate, friendliness, disturbance, separation, loneliness, trustworthy, fraudulent and many more.But have you ever thought,why do we face these different kinds of situations, in different times?

Why do we all face these kinds of situations?
  • Because is that the life?
  • Do someone asked you to face these things?
  • Because my parents, grand parents also have faced them so I?

  • Is your heart / mind / thoughts asking for these things / like tempting?
Most of your heart feels that 4th point is very close to yourselves.Yes, it is.Our hearts really tempting to have those kinds of situations.But why is your heart asking for these situations?I'll answer this question check whether is it correct or not.

Your main focus of your life is Happiness.Depending on Happiness, you do everything to make your heart / mind / thoughts happy as you are tempting.For examples,

Bruce Lee playing Ping Pong (Table Tennis)

Here's a video of Legendary Bruce Lee playing Ping Pong (Table Tennis) tournament with his nun-chucks. This video has made as a promotional advertisement for Nokia mobile phones.
At the end of the video there are some extra Martial Arts tricks doing by Bruce Lee by Lighting matches with his nun-chucks. Enjoy the video below!

Art on a dusty car dickey surface - Marilyn Monroe

This girl is awesome, she has made an art of Marilyn Monroe on a dusty car dickey surface by using just a handkerchief or some kind of a textile on her finger tips. So enjoy her art below!

Most Amazing People in the World

Hope this video gives some energy and  kind of a freshness to your life, so watch it and feel!!!

Best Pet ever!!!

All you have to do is Breed him on time !

Death well

Indian Death well

What is Love?

Love is a feeling arise in our hearts. It is not a new thing to be wonder or surprise when love felt, because it is a usual feeling such as we feel Anger, Sadness, Jealousy & etc. It arises naturally & automatically in our hearts due to the temptation of make something ours / keep something ourselves which we desired on.

Act of Love

Feeling love brings happiness, joy, active, strong & hopes to life. When we feel love on something or someone, we used to care about it more than usual. Always think about it, dream about it, make hopes on it, spend time with it and live for it. Love can be categorized as follows.

Internal Love

Internal love means loving yourself. Loving your hair, your body color, your smile, your eyes, your voice, your style, your body like that. Internal love may helps to improve your personality and it is must for a human being.

External Love

Except the internal love, all other loving feelings are belonging to external love. We get external love just with our birth, from our loving parents & it is the first love that we all have experienced.

Shadowgraphy - Shadow arts!

Think different, and try to do as follows using the Light and your creativity.

These are some amazing pictures of Shadow wall arts done by a group of people with high creative ideas. Sometimes you may used to do shadow arts by putting your hand to a place where that have light and show the shadow in front of your step, that is the basic of making a shadow art. But these are beyond the basics and it's a utilization of experiments, experiences and creativity.

So enjoy the Shadow arts below!

Shadow art of Greatest Hip hop artist - Late Micheal Jackson

Check your Awareness

This is an Awareness Test, try it and win!!!
How many passes does the team in WHITE make?

Transparent Guitar

This post is related to another Awesome creation of Guitar.The awesomeness of these guitars is they are Transparent.
"Alibaba" company which is an Chinese company, has promoted these Transparent guitars to the market in several styles, so you can buy online and have fun with a Transparent guitar if you are interested enough.