What is Love?

Love is a feeling arise in our hearts. It is not a new thing to be wonder or surprise when love felt, because it is a usual feeling such as we feel Anger, Sadness, Jealousy & etc. It arises naturally & automatically in our hearts due to the temptation of make something ours / keep something ourselves which we desired on.

Act of Love

Feeling love brings happiness, joy, active, strong & hopes to life. When we feel love on something or someone, we used to care about it more than usual. Always think about it, dream about it, make hopes on it, spend time with it and live for it. Love can be categorized as follows.

Internal Love

Internal love means loving yourself. Loving your hair, your body color, your smile, your eyes, your voice, your style, your body like that. Internal love may helps to improve your personality and it is must for a human being.

External Love

Except the internal love, all other loving feelings are belonging to external love. We get external love just with our birth, from our loving parents & it is the first love that we all have experienced.

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