How to make a Christmas Tree Pop-up Card

You can change the Pop-up item to any thing you like ;)
( Eg. Santa Claus, Wrapped Gift, Reindeer, Snowman, Santa Cap/ Boot )

Easy Christmas Decorations

Make your Christmas Day more fun with these Decorations, Kids love them!

It's just simple, watch the following amazing videos and learn how to create Christmas Decorations easily. Well you can buy Christmas decorations from the shop as well, but it would be more fun if you make them yourself and decorate your Christmas Tree this time. Also if you have kids, they would be so happy and it would be so interesting them to make these decorations by their own hands.Try these decorations and enjoy the Christmas!

1. Christmas Tree

2. Christmas Tree (Origami)

3. Santa Claus (Origami)

4. Plastic Bottles Decoration for Christmas