Brazilian Man Got a Dog Face by Plastic Surgery

It's Human desire, choice and unpredictable changes in the thoughts. Could you believe that a man paid for have a Plastic surgery to change his own natural face in to a Dog's face? Though you do not believe, we have to believe it this time because it has already happened.

This is a Brazilian man who is so eager to be a dog, so he has paid for a surgery to get a Dog's face. A natural dog's face has physically combined to this man's face by a surgery like even we cannot still think so. Ears, eyes, mouth & nose of a dog are the main parts that have combined to his new face.

This would be kind of a stupid idea, joke, hilarious act, but it is his choice. In future there would be some more people who will imitate this man or trying for some various kind of mysterious things.

See the pictures of his surgery.

1. Man before the surgery.

2. Dog's face which fixed to the man's face

3. Combining Dog's eyes to the Man's eyes

4. Fixing Dog's ears to the Man's ears

5. Combining Man's nose and mouth with the Dog's nose and mouth

6. In progress...

7. Process succeeded...

8. Final output

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  1. Doctors said its a fake story

  2. It's not possible

  3. It's not possible

  4. why would someone want that done


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