Best Wedding Proposal Ever!

Well, this is AWESOME right, if you are wealthy enough to spend a huge cost just to make your Girlfriend so happy, amazing, lucky,wonder and many more on her Engagement day with you. Actually if so, she would be the Luckiest Bride in this world and it would be the Greatest Memorable day of her life so far. But be careful, the Engagement day is not the only day you both gonna live together and it is just the start, so manage every little thing  perfectly to have a good and everlasting married life with your wife before you step on an event like this. Happy Wedded Life for this couple!

  Turning Point : What if she said "NO"?  Lol...

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1) 2.11 - "Never Lasting Love" by Love Affair
2) 8.32  - "Forever" by Chris Brown

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How to Get a Girlfriend - 100% Working!

Hey guys,
this is specially for the Male crowd who are suffering with loneliness of not having a Girlfriend yet. Actually it is not being unlucky but been failed to impress a girl on first sight, due to not knowing the perfect strategies that can easily attract a girl.So, I found the following video which describes and shows the perfect steps to catch and continue the relationship with  a girl that you are interested. Follow the steps and have fun, Good Luck guys!

Key : "Go first and show that you are a Leader"

Chris Gayle & Dwayne Bravo Dancing to a Hindi Tune

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On 27th September 2012 - West Indies Vs. England ( T20 World Cup 2012 - Sri Lanka)

Gangnam Style By Chris Gayle