Real meaning of Life

What is Life?

Before live meaningfully, you have to understand what does life really mean.No one can give a specific definition for life, me either.But I can express my feelings, ideas & experiences to describe, identify & understand what is life.
In this life, we face various kinds of situations such as happiness, sadness, proud, desire, anger, hurt, love, hate, friendliness, disturbance, separation, loneliness, trustworthy, fraudulent and many more.But have you ever thought,why do we face these different kinds of situations, in different times?

Why do we all face these kinds of situations?
  • Because is that the life?
  • Do someone asked you to face these things?
  • Because my parents, grand parents also have faced them so I?

  • Is your heart / mind / thoughts asking for these things / like tempting?
Most of your heart feels that 4th point is very close to yourselves.Yes, it is.Our hearts really tempting to have those kinds of situations.But why is your heart asking for these situations?I'll answer this question check whether is it correct or not.

Your main focus of your life is Happiness.Depending on Happiness, you do everything to make your heart / mind / thoughts happy as you are tempting.For examples,

  • You eat very delicious meals
  • Watching movies
  • Hanging around with friends
  • Wearing fashionable cloths 
  • Having make ups
  • Earning so much of money
  • Having parties
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Loving each other
  • Purchasing property
  • Loosing
  • traveling
  • Fighting
  • Hating
  • Divorcing
  • Killing animals & people & etc.
So you will say doing these kinds of things you can make your heart / mind / thoughts happy.

But are you in a really happy mood after doing these things?

At once you'll say "Yes".It's okay to say yes, if I asked you "are you happy now?" ,when you are in a really happy mood.But are you in happy always?Could you be able to keep that happiness (that happiness means,the happiness which you got after doing above things) forever in your life?Will it last forever?Now you are understanding what i"'m saying."No", you can't keep that happiness forever in your lifetime, you are not in happy forever in your life time.Sometimes you may be happy only just for a second after doing those things,after that second you again face to a different situation & it may be sadness,desire,temptation like that.Just try to remind a moment which you were in a very happy mood, & now think is that happiness still with you at the moment?are you in the same mind position now or what?Did that happiness make your life happy forever?No,it won't,how could it be?Because everything is Changing.

What is Change?

What is this "change" really means?The way of our mind acts / thinks about things is the Change.Everything is changeable both physically & mentally.Your pen, your books, your table, your bags, furniture, computers , house ,friends, brothers / sisters, even your parents.As well as your smile, voice, hair, beauty, your body & your behaviors too.Nevertheless, mentally your mind, thoughts & dreams also changeable.
As I said earlier, you feel various kinds of situations because of this changeable.Sometimes happiness, sadness, hatred, desire, revenge & etc.But you never feel any of this situations every time in your whole lifetime.That means you are not in a same situation whole lifetime, but you feel most of this situations, because your mind is changing every time.So you won't be sad whole time,you won't be happy all time, you won't be angry all time & you won't be enjoying at all.
It's very easy to understand this changeable because you have already faced this thing in day to day life, this has been hide because you have never think of this before & you have never questioned yourself about this before.Okay pay your attention on following examples, then you will understand it very easily.

 If you're about 6 - 15 years old

Read carefully what I've typed here & try to think about it by applying it on everything yourselves.

You're just a child with an average family background.In your class room you see a boy who using a very beautiful, colorful & an attractive plastic pencil box.You are tempted to touch it because of its beauty.But the boy who owned it is not very friendly with you.So only thing you can do is looking at it.By looking at it everyday,now your total mind always dreams about that pencil box,so you just asked your parents to present a pencil box like that on your birthday.As you wished you got that present & now you also using the same pencil box.You take care about it so much, every night you used to clear it & keep it so nicely.Week ago,you see that boy has bought a new pencil box more beautiful than the earlier one.
Now again you always looking at that pencil box while you are forgetting about your own pencil box.On this time,your mind has changed, your choice has changed, your thinking method has changed.
The reason for this change is high desire.You can't be satisfied from what you have got, therefore your mind is asking for a change.That's why you always tempting to buy the most beautiful pencil box as above example.But it will never ends till you understand the system of thinking.

If you're about 16 - 21 years old 

You're just a normal girl / boy who used to manage yourself very carefully.But if you really need something that interesting to you,you used to get it anyhow.One day one of your classmates brought a new cellular phone,it's an Apple i phone.Currently you may using a very old, out of fashioned phone.So that Apple i phone took your attention more than you ever expected.But unfortunately you don't have enough money to buy an Apple phone from the shop.At the same time you asked for money from your parents but it didn't worked.Day by day your desire of using an Apple phone is increasing,some days you went to college only because of that Apple phone.Because of this desire, your mind asks you to steal that phone from your classmate.However at the interval you stole it without any problem.But while you're way to home the phone fallen down by mistakenly.Oh,unfortunately the display has been damaged so badly.You can't even switch on the phone.Now how you feel this?

Oh how unlucky I am.Why did my hands miss it.How much I loved this phone?You may be cry, you may thinking of how you would have to use it if you didn't drop it, and you may dream about it.
But thinking like that you never can make up your mind, it may arouse your sadness more & more.On this incident why can't you think as follows.
There's nothing permanent in this world.Everything is changeable,so that phone.If I didn't drop it today,anyhow one day it could be damaged / lost / stolen.So it's useless to thinking / worry about it & blaming myself.
See how your mind changed after seeing that Apple i phone & how you react, but it's not good to steal others things.

If you're about 22 - 40 years old.

Just imagine that you're working at some company & getting an average monthly salary.After using it for home expenses you can save just 10% of it.By the way you go to work by foot or bus.While you on way to office,you see lots of people who are driving their own vehicles and go for work.So you think " if I had even a bicycle I would have to go for work by bicycle".So you started to save more from your salary & you dedicated your expenses for that.At the end of the year you bought a new bicycle & started to go for work by it.You ride your bicycle for a month without any doubt, but while you are go for office by your cycle, you see lots of people use motor bikes, cars like that.Once again  you are tempted to by a motor bike.From that day you again started to save more than before,finally you sold your cycle & bought a new motor bike.Then the same thing happened again and you bought a motor car.So now you think you are one of rich people & you're very proud of going for work by a car,sometimes you see people who are still traveling by foot / bus / bicycles / motor bikes and you are proud of seen them because you think that your level is high love your car very much & you take care of it more that you do for yourself.After few weeks ago, while you're working you got a call that makes you shock.It's your car has been stolen by a group of thieves & it has been already sold to another buyer.

Now how could you bear this?
  • Acts so madly?
  • Call the police?
  • Following the thieves?
  • Asking the buyer to give you the car?
By the way you're fed up of trying to get your car back because there's nothing you can do for it.At the same time you don't have any savings now,cause you used your all savings to by the car.So you have to go by foot / bus again.
So this is the world trend, no one can change it. Because if you didn't lost your car at that moment it would have to be lost or broken or getting old or whatever on one day.The only thing that you have to do is make up your mind by thinking of changeable.Nothing is permanent in this world, even yourself.

If you're above 40 years old.

On this age you can easily understand the change.Take some pictures of your childhood & pictures that you have taken when you were about 25 years old.See the differences of two ages ,see how you were changes from childhood to 25 years old & how were you look like.Then go to a mirror and see how you have changed from 25 years old to present.You will see at the age of 25th you were very beautiful, strong, attractive,active an very young man / woman.But now? your hair color has changed, you have lost some teeth, your skin has changed, you may using a stick when you are walking like that.By seeing these things you can easily understand what change really is.

So please try to think about this changeable and to make up your mind, because this doesn't happen only to you in this world, every one faces to this situation.

So this is the reality of change, no one can keep anything as it is to the lifetime.Whether you are rich, poor, educated, non educated etc,everyone faces to this situation.The change depends on following mentally situation.
  • Greediness
  • Cruelty
  • Desirability
  • Hatred
 I'll explain you what really above words mean.

What is Greediness?

Greediness means stingy, illiberal, miserable situation.When you are greedy on something,you always try to keep it yourself.You never help others by anything.When a beggar came to you and asked for some money you used to blame him / her,never give even a coin to them.This is not a good situation, because you don't understand what you're really doing when you feel greedy on something.You always used to collect more and more, but there's no end of collecting, so you never feel happiness because you can't be satisfy from what you have got, every time you try to increase your collection.May be money, buying houses, buying vehicles, buying fashionable cloths & jeweleries like that.

For example read the following story.
One day a greedy crow found a piece of cheese and started to eat it from a huge tree branch.A hungry fox came to there and asked for a piece of cheese from the crow.But crow didn't reply to fox & crow were eating the cheese without paying any attention to the fox as he was very greedy.
Then the fox started to flatter the crow's voice.Fox said,"Oh beautiful crow, it's really nice your voice when you are singing,so could you please sing for me?"Then the foolish crow started to sing,when he opened his mouth the piece of cheese just dropped from the tree & fox immediately caught it and ate.Then the fox said,"oh my foolish friend,because of your greedy desire,you lost your piece of cheese,hahahaha".So don't be greedy on anything,because it may births cruelty.

What is Cruelty?

Cruelty means evil, harmful, anger like that.When you feel cruelty you always in an angry mood, you don't even like to talk with anyone, you just do whatever you want & don't care about  what others think about you, how do they suffer from the things you do.
You may blame others, killing animals, frown on others, fighting with people, stealing others things, disturbing others, paying evil eye / evil tongue on others happiness / success like that.All these thing you are doing when you feel cruelty, but cruelty doesn't come at once,it happens because of the greediness.You should care about to not to suffer from cruelty & to control yourselves.Because being cruelty makes an unsatisfactory about you by others.No one won't even look at you, because no one likes cruel people.So try to be nice always.

What is Desire?

Desire means the condition of tempting.We cannot make satisfy our wants by anything, if can it may only for a moment.But we cannot guarantee whether the same want will not asks again by our mind / heart.This is not an easy condition to understand.Because if I asked you " can you satisfy your needs? "you will say " yes ".But don't forget, you can satisfy your wants only for a little moment, although you satisfied it, the same want will rise again after while ago.Lets see a simple example.

Once your heart asked for a cool drink because of thirsty , you will drink some juice.Then you will feel okay for that moment.But can you think that cool drink able to heal your thirsty forever?Wouldn't you feel thirsty again in your life time?No,you feel thirsty again, may be after 5 minutes from having your last juice you will again feel thirsty, then you again drink some juice.This will happen monotonously.

Now you will think the above example is just about a cool drink & it's useless even to think about.But see carefully, you will see some procedure there, you can match that procedure everything you do in your day to day life.
 As per the above example, first five times you may drink the same juice as your desire of feeling the taste of it, but after five times desire + change you may try on another juice, then you'll drink that juice five or more times & then goes to another juice.If this condition match with your daily activities how can you be satisfied?

I'll give you a more serious example than the earlier.You think you are married to your loved boyfriend / girlfriend.You two may living very happily for a long time, may be two years.After two years your hearts loose the interest between you two, because of that your husband used to deal with another woman, how could you bear this as his wife?
if your wife used to deal with another man, how could you bear this as her husband?
Hope now you got my point.So think about this & try to control your selves, your feelings, temptation & everything.Because being desire may make problems that you have never wished.

What is Hatred?

Hatred means a situation like animus, enmity, anger, antipathy, revenge.This is just a feeling our hearts.According to your opinion if you use some item it cannot be use by any other one in this world,am I right?Because you think that's the best in this world & only person who should use it is you.How funny this thought if you think twice about this in different ways.If somebody uses the same item that you use,then you will feel hatred, sometimes if others use something more valuable, beautiful, attractive things than yours you heart feels jealous about them, then you start to hate them.Getting angry yourself, thinking why i couldn't used that items before them and then you may try to wish or curse them because of that anger / jealousy.

The reason for this mental situation is that you cannot be satisfied from your own things, you always trying to get the best thing among the rest, but sometime it's a ridiculous.If we said that you are hungry, then you go to a shop and bye some bun to eat, while you are eating another man came and gets two buns + juice bottle.Then you think it's very shame to eat just a one bun so I should buy another bun & a juice bottle too.But unfortunately you don't have much money to buy them.Then you may feel jealous about that person & you may start to hate him.You eat because of the hungriness and the man too.Though your hungry heals by a single bun, you are going to eat another bun + juice bottle, when you unable to buy them you start to hate others.Is this really nice?Think twice & try to update your thinking system.

Do nature really aware of us?

Yes of course.Nature always being aware of what we are doing in our day to day life.Whatever we are doing good or bad there are two different reactions for both, they are " Merit " & " Sin ".Merit is the reaction for good things you have done & the sin is the reaction for bad things you have done.Nature replies to us in this both ways, as we have committed them.If we have done a good thing, nature replies us in a good way & if we have done a bad thing the nature replies in a bad way.The most important thing is this both Merits & Sins are highly affect to have a good or a bad birth in your next soul.

What is nature?

Nature means everything around us.It's not only trees, rivers, sea, waterfalls, animals, earth but also people, feelings, ideas, actions, behaviors  too.These everything has a relationship & they all are connected to each like a chain.

How nature replies to good things & bad things?

This is very easy to understand because you have been replied by nature for your daily activities.Just remind a good thing that you have done earlier, may be helping to a disabled person / beggar / by giving money at the bus or at road.
Once you helped him / her,he / she may used to chant / thank you for your help, because he may really needed that.Anyhow for this thing you have already committed, nature may have reply you, but sometimes you may not identified it because nature's reply doesn't affect to you even to think about.But sometimes that reply may affect to you more than you have ever expected.Just try to remind about your lucky moments, have you ever think why am I lucky this much of to achieve this moment?If thought sometimes you couldn't guess it,that's how the nature replies.Nature replies in different ways.
Sometimes nature replies just in time, some times after a long time that you have been never expected.Nature doesn't reply only to good things, but also to the bad ways as you committed them.Just remind a bad thing that you have committed one day in your life, & think what kind of a result you got for that act.You may be lied / cheated  to your friends / mothers / teachers.After doing that, haven't you ever being cheated or lied by someone?Try to remind your best.Yes you have.

Sometimes we have met some disabled people from their birth in our society.What do you think about this?Have they committed any bad things just from their birth?No.It's because of their previous life activities, they may have committed so much of sins in their previous life time, but they are lucky enough to birth at least as a human in this term, as I said above we only take away our merits & sins when we are dying, not any of physical thins such as money, houses, lands & etc.

Hope you all remember the Tsunami tidal waves which suffered by Asians most on 2006 & also recently the Earth quake + tidal waves faced by Japan 2011.If the people has done bad things, nature replies as the same, if the people have done more good things then nature replies in a good way.But sometimes you may not seen the good reactions of nature, because when you faced to a happy moment you think that's a result of your own strategies or skills or whatever.But it's wrong, through your strategies, skills or whatever nature also have been helping you in different ways.It's not easy to identify.But when you suffer a worst, you directly can identify the reply of nature ( Eg: Tsunami, earth quakes, floods, droughts ).

Try to do more good things in your life time, don't be shame to do a good thing at anytime , anywhere.We all are human beings, whether you are rich or not, famous or not, try to help others as you can, but don't expect anything from anyone, just do your job.By the way nature doesn't care about your skills, your goodwill, your money, your power, your qualifications or anything, if somebody has done a bad thing nature replies as the same, it doesn't care even you are the president or whatever & if you have committed a good thing the nature replies you in a good way, it doesn't care whether you are beggar / poor / or whatever.Just do the right thing.

Why do nature angry with us, sometimes?

Sometimes you may think the nature curse us.Hope you'll have felt this.Try to remind an opportunity that you missed so badly because of an unthinkable matter.May be you were unable to do your school home works, may be unable to go to a party, may be unable to go for meet your loved once on time, may be unable to prove that you were right or anything.The reasons for that missing things may be you fallen in sick, you forgot them or you felt lazy.But after few days, may be when your friends talking about that several opportunities you may feel sad, shy about yourself because you were unable to join them & you had really missed them.So you used to memorize that things and to cry or make your mood upset for a long time.Actually it's useless to thinking about the past, because you never can't go back to that position just like you cannot touch the same water a twice in a river as it flows.

Why then I missed those?

This is the final situation that you come after thinking of above missed opportunities & you cannot find the reasons as your thinking pattern is monotonous.There's no any result births without a reason.So every result you committed in your life has a reason, both good results & bad results.But you're not inquiring yourselves the reasons for the happiness when you are really in happy.
You always  used to think about your bad results & to make your mood upset.Sometimes you can't imagine why that opportunity was missed by you without any considerable reason, you may shock.Say for an example,
Sometimes you may have fail an exam so badly though you have studied so hard & wrote correct answers to the question paper as you think.You may keep huge hopes on that exam results & you may arrange your future activities according to that results too.But when you got the results you can't imagine how could this happened?Your all hopes become disappointed on this time.

See how pain full.There's something dealing very silently with us in our day to day life & it's Nature.
Though you have studied hard & faced the exam successfully, the bad things you have committed in your life time / earlier life may be more powerful than the good things that you have committed, so as a result of that you may fail the exams, missing opportunities, facing unexpected problems.So try to do good things without delay & make your life so wonderful.

Do nature really angry with us?

No exactly.Nature just reply for our activities both in good & bad ways.By replying in good ways nature tells us to do more good things & nature try to motivate us for that.By replying in bad ways nature advice us to stop doing bad things and to change our mind for good things.Try to understand it by inquiring your experiences, then you'll
 feel the reality.

Do nature reply everyone? or only for  a group of selected?

Nature does not select any group to reply, nature reply everyone whether you're rich, poor, beautiful, unfair, tall, short, fat, thin, educated, non educated or whatever, even for animals.You may have seen animals who are suffering from various kinds of illnesses, may be your loving puppy.So the nature reply to every living thing in this world.It doesn't care about the cast systems, capitalism, color, goodwill or anything.So there are no any kinds of people in nature's list as in our society now a days.
Do you believe, sometimes a beggar may lives so happily than a rich person lives.

All I wanted to tell you from this, even being rich cannot escape from nature's replies, even if you're the president or if you're the world's powerful man you have to face to the nature.Poor people suffer the poverty because of their miss behaviors in previous lives, & rich people entertain their capitalism as they have done good things in their previous lives.But their are some rich people who used to do a lot of bad things without knowing nature's procedure, they will definitely replied by the nature may be in this lifetime or in next soul.
So just stop your miss behaviors and always try to do good things & to exceed it to more than the bad things you have done in your life.Then you will really feel some happiness that never forgets.

How to recognize  Sin & Merit?

Sin & Merit are the reactions for your doing things.Usually we know that Sin means suffering bad & Merit means suffering good.You do loads of activities per day, per hour, per minute or per second sometimes.But you may not think of who will suffer happiness or sadness by your doing things.As you are selfish you think about only your happiness, your doing thing may happen continuously as the result you get from it ( if it makes you happy you may do it again & again, otherwise you may stop doing it ).

Do you know?

That all doing things are based on your thinking situation, through that we can easily identify Sin & Merit.Merit makes your life so easy & happiness, Sin makes the worst.Everyone in this world has suffer this both & these Sin & Merit are the only things that continues in our every birth.Sometimes you may have seen people suffering from various kinds of illnesses while some people are really enjoying their lives.The reason fro this difference is Karma ( system of reaction for both good things & bad things ).It's common for every human being.

Identifying the Sin

You might have face sins but it's very easy to identify what's a Sin by getting an example from another person.Then you can easily apply it to yourself & get the idea.You may have meet different kinds of people through your lifetime.Someones were very good & someones were very bad as you felt about them.Try to remind one of them who was doing very bad thing to others those days, may be cheating others, fighting with others, stealing others things or whatever.

On that days he may lived very happily, having very joyful life by doing those things.But later on, you may have seen the same person spends a very hard, worst, ugly, beaten life among the same society.This is the real condition of Sin.As he done lot of bad things earlier, he had to face these kinds of situations.
Apply this small example to your life, in different ways & remind your past, then you will identify your own Sins that you have committed.Try to minimize your bad things.

Identifying the Merit

Merit is not very easy to identify as much as identify a Sin.Because you never think about merits that you are already been committed.As well as Merits are not hidden.Every human being in this world has suffered Merit just when they born.Because been born as a human being is the largest Merit that you have suffered for the good things that you have done in your earlier life.Think differently about this by questioning yourself.
The following example may help you to identify a Merit more.
Try to remind a person you met who was very friendly with everyone, who used to help friends, to help disable people, telling the truth, sensitive, helpful, flexible in your lifetime.He was able to win everyone's love, attraction, kindness because of his kind heart.So have you ever seen he suffer bad in his life?No, because everyone with him anytime as he has helped others so much.That is the real humanity & the greatest Merit of his good things that he has committed.
Sometimes you too may have good friends, but have you ever thought why do I 'm having these kinds of good friends?That's because of your good things & it's your Merit.Everyone likes to suffer good things, but one can't suffer Sin or Merit as same as another.

Is there any limits or differences of suffering Sin & Merit?

Yes exactly.But these limits are not been created by anyone,they are depend on your number of doing things.If you do more good things you may suffer more Merits, if you do more bad things you may suffer more Sins.But you can't expect Sins or Merits on a specific time, it happens on unexpected times.Sometimes you may still suffer the sin for your bad things you have done in your previous lives.You even couldn't dream about them.You may thinking why am I suffering these things though I m doing lots of good things in my life time?
this is the real condition of Karma, you can't guess it where to be react, how to be react, at what time to be react.Nature is watching you & it reacts on correct time that it feels you the most.
In our society we see some differences.Some are beautiful, rich, lucky, successful & some are unfair, poor, unlucky, unsuccessful too.What is the reason for these differences?It is the quantity of good things & bad things that they have committed.People who are spending luxurious lives have committed more good things & the others have committed a few.But if rich people used to do bad things in this life time, they'll definitely suffer the Sin may be in this life or later on.The thing they must do is doing more good things.As I said above there are limits to happen the Sin & Merit, but there is no limit for do good or bag things.So change your procedure & think twice before you do something, try to see / predict / guess the result before you do it.Don't be shy or fear to do good things at anytime, anywhere, because no one watching at you every time as you think except the nature.

Is there an end for this Karma?

Yes it is.But in our current society all people live without knowing what really life is.They do whatever they want whether good or bad.By doing those kinds of things they never finish their circle of rebirths.They birth, live & die, again birth, live & die.This happens continuously.Now a days man's wants have been increased so badly, man cannot satisfy his needs by anything, if he satisfied he used to have some change, because of it he do a lot of things.The reason for these things is Thoughts.Karma births because of Thoughts.If someone can leave all his thoughts, he can end up with the Karma.
But it's not easy as you think, although it's not very difficult if you understood the reality.We all live with our thoughts, at least one thought.Every time there are thoughts in our mind, sometimes they are really useless but sometimes we give value for thoughts as they important to us.We do everything according to our thoughts whether it's good or bad.Thinking also a way of doing good or bad, it receives Sin & Merit too.


Thoughts are the things that always stay in our mind.Every doing thing based on our thoughts.Sometimes thoughts can change our whole life to the best or to the worst.We cannot live without thoughts, because all our living things are existing on them.Thoughts can be divided in two categories as Good thoughts & Bad thoughts.According to that people do good & bad.As a result of it they receive Sin & Merit.Having good thoughts can develop the world by improving  technology, humanity, justice, entertainment and many more.Therefore people can enjoy their lives by having these kinds of good conditions.If we always have good thoughts how beautiful the world would be?Then every person will live happily, everyone will share their happiness, sadness with everyone, everyone will help each other.No one will do bad things.But unfortunately we cannot have only good thoughts always in our hearts.We have the bad too.As results of that we suffer various kinds of troubles in our lives.
Some people cannot bear others success /  hatred, cruelty, jealously has been increased among everyone / always trying to be arrogant / sensuality / competitiveness to be rich and so many of brutish thoughts like these have born in people's minds now a days.Therefore people do lots of bad things, it may reacts more Sins.So try to control / dis crease your bad thoughts & to improve good thoughts to have a meaningful life.

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